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So you Google searched my name, Douglas James, looking for information. Hey, I totally get it. You have to do your due diligence. That's really important. Since you are on Google looking me up, I know that I am an iconic character with a brand thats's amassed a lot of success, so nefarious marketers will try and scam you because they know you are googling my name. So in this article, I'll recap a few things about what I do, how we can work together and you could even save yourself 1000's of dollars from not being scammed online.

So, Just to remind you, this is all about digital real estate (see example below). You will own these virtual properties and my team will set up and manage for you. We will set up and manage these assets for you. You will become a student of ours. Then you will start to engage with local business owners. Right. And we will help you land these clients right and they start to pay you. Why do they start to pay you? Because these virtual properties that you own is going to help them create new customers in their business. This is the very straightforward explanation as to what is digital real estate and how profitable it can be.

Now, with regards to googling my name with different keywords like scam, legit, real, course marketing reviews, whatever it is, okay, It doesn't matter what the keyword is that you use, it's highly probable that when you go to research online, you're going to find amazingly good stuff, but you're also going to find these scam legit marketers that have nefarious targeted marketing practices that are trying to scam you out of thousands of dollars because they know you're going to search for me and they're trying to put ads and pages and articles in front of you to confuse you and divert your attention over to them right.

These are called fake review marketers that use a scam legit nefarious marketing strategy. Okay, Now, this is such a thing that I actually made a hour-long video about this exposing these scam legit marketers, creating these fake review articles (see thumbnail image below, video should be above somewhere as well). Right? And you get in the article, it's got a whole bunch of fabricated information. Right? A lot of it's false with regards to pricing and our customers and all this stuff, it's all fabricated.

By the end of the article, there's always a link for you to buy something else. Okay, this is how these guys or people make money, okay? These affiliate marketers actually train these people to create these fake review articles, right? So affiliate marketing is a process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person's product or company. Okay. So they basically get a cut. So every time a sale is made, they get a little percentage. So they're incentivized to make these fake review articles.So it's a very nefarious tactic that if you listen to me now, it can literally save you thousands of dollars. Okay. So just be careful with the stuff that you're going to Google.

Now, I do want to highlight a couple of key things regarding biases. If you look for a scam or if something's legit, you're probably going to find stuff that's scammy because people are always going to post that because they're trying to convince you and persuade you to buy something so they can get a commission, right? So when people are searching for negative stuff, most people focus on negative stuff for whatever reason, right?

So negative bias, is it cognitive bias, that refers to the tendency for people to pay more attention to and give more weight to negative information or stimuli than positive information? Okay. If for some reason your brain wants to focus on the negative rather than the positive, it's kind of like this heart saying, Hey, brain look, and it's a whole bunch of good. And the brain's like, Not now. Can't see you. I'm busy and it's super microscope focused on the bad. Okay, you have to check your own biases and your own behavior when you're going to do a Google search or do anything really in life.

And not just this another thing to pay attention to, right. If you think something is like scam or not legit or you're looking for reviews, you're really looking for like the first thing to validate your beliefs, right? That's called confirmation bias. It's our tendency to cherry-pick information that confirms our existing beliefs or ideas. So this is what it looks like. Here's all the facts and evidence, all the real information that's worth like looking into and that has any weight or meaning. This is unfortunately the evidence that most humans ignore. And here's our beliefs. And then right in the middle is the evidence we believe based on this is confirmation bias.

So if you think something's a scam or not legit, you punch in a Google, the first thing that you see that's a scam. You're like on your confirmation bias. You have to be careful with this because both negativity biases and confirmation biases is only going to hold you back and keep you from reaching any type of goals or aspirations or anything that you want to do for yourself or for your family. So that's what I have to say regarding Googling and the scams of online.
Now, is this legit? Am I legit? Yes, very legit. Actually. We're BBB accredited. Been in business for sometime, and the BBB has recognized my brand to be one of high integrity that takes care of its customers and clients.
We've actually deployed this to over 5100 people that are cash flowing right. Now, does this work for other people? Are they having success? Absolutely. 
Here's a page with literally hundreds of videos, case studies and testimonials. You can read them yourself as I go through. You can see how much they're making, what they're saying, okay, these are real people, not paid actors or anything weird like that. Okay. And I can scroll this page for days, for days. There's videos, screenshots, people with awards. Right? So this stuff works. All right. So I hope you get the point.

So you might be asking yourself, Doug, do you still own and operate your own digital real estate properties? And the answer is absolutely. It's my bread and butter. Why would I stop? Right. So you can see here just in my CRM, for my companies here in our digital real estate businesses, you can see that we're still having multiple five figures a day, even as recently as in the last 30 days for me recording this video. Right.

So you can see 56 grand here, you know, 34 grand here on the weekends. We don't process that many invoices. So it gets a little slow, but it picks up during a week. 46,000, 35,000, 46,000, 54 grand, 65 grand. You know, these are all in single days, by the way, right? So I've been doing this for 8+ years. Right. You could see it keeps going multiple five figures a day. We actually punched in a pretty nice day today at 83,000 of me recording this video.

So it's tried and true. It'll always be here. It'll always work. Yes. I still own and operate my own digital real estate properties.

Now, this is where you're at right here (see roadmap below). You're deciding that you want to build a freedom business and have your time back we have checked that off this whole road map. We want to help you create and complete. Right just for you. And I created this just for you.

The next step is to find your first client. All right, I'm preemptively checking this off, but we need to get together so we can complete this road map, set up all the tech start to retain your clients, deliver the service, make sales, get your time back, grow your business, and potentially sell this business because this business is a sellable asset. Right?

With all that being said,

The next appropriate step would be to see if we can build this roadmap together and give you the business and life that you deserve. If you are committed to success and willing to put in the work, the next step would be to learn about Digital Real Estate and our business model more intimately, then apply to work with me and my team.

So below is a button that will lead you to the next page, theres a short 8-10 minute video on there that explains how this works and how to get in touch with my team. On that video, it will prompt you to submit your information eventually, just watch through 100% and it will prompt you to get on our calendar.
Thanks and I look forward to Partnering with you!

Douglas James
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